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Expert Invisible Fence® Brand Testimonials:

Find out why Invisible Fence® Brand is exclusively recommended by national and local veterinarians, leading dog behaviorists and prominent veterinary schools.

Dr. Larry J. Pennington, DVM (2007 Connecticut Veterinarian of the Year) on why he recommends Moriarty’s Fence Company to keep his patient’s pets safe.

“As a veterinarian I’ve seen the aftermath of uncontained pets getting hit by cars, accidentally being poisoned and fighting with other animals. Responsible pet owners should invest in the security of their pets to insure lifelong companionship which is why I always recommend Moriarty’s Fence Company, a distributor of the Invisible Fence® Brand Pet Confinement.”

Dr. Peter Eeg explains why veterinarians recommend the Invisible Fence Brand for pet containment.

“Behavioral problems caused by unspent dog energy strain the human/animal bond. An Invisible Fence® Brand system allows dogs the safe off-leash aerobic exercise they need. The freedom to run, play, and explore, unconfined by restrictive fences or dog runs, produces dogs who are fun to live with and easier to manage.”

Dr. Mary Lee Nitschke, animal behaviorist, on why it works.

“Like all creatures, dogs naturally prefer comfort and relaxation to stress and danger. They depend on us for the information they need to keep safe.“ The Invisible Fence® Brand design and training protocols are based on well researched principles of successful canine learning. The system humanely and effectively provides the clear, consistent signals that dogs need to differentiate between safe and dangerous areas.”

Marc Street, professional dog trainer, praises Invisible Fence system trainers.

“Every dog is different, so Invisible Fence® Brand professionals are required to learn dog breed and behavior characteristics. They personalize the Invisible Fence® Brand training to each dog’s learning abilities. Designed exclusively for pets, their proven training system is safe and humane. They care passionately about dogs and train each one as if it were their own.”

Dr. Jack Civic, Newport Animal Hospital

Moriarty’s Fence Company is a local, reputable company, that offers the highest quality Invisible Fence® Brand solutions. I have seen a significant decrease in the number of dogs hit by cars since the company began installing fences on the island. I highly recommend Moriarty’s Fence Company”.

Customer Moriarty’s Fence Company Testimonials:

Every day, we hear from satisfied customers who tell us about their positive experience and how our system has changed their lives. Read their comments and understand why our customers recommend us for our ability to keep their pets safe at home and for our prompt and courteous customer service.

Take a look at what some of our customer near you have to say about Moriarty’s Fence Company and their pet containment system:

“It’s this kind of commitment to each client that allows me to feel confident in recommending Invisible Fence® Brand to friends and clients.”

Nadine – Veterinarian, Groton, CT

“Best thing since sliced bread! We love our invisible fence! Our dog has not once bolted through it, no matter what temptation has passed by…he’s a happier dog, and we are happy, too!”

Carolyn – Providence, RI

“There are not many products that offer this level of customer satisfaction and Moriarty’s Fence Company is to be applauded for their commitment to their clients and their pets.”

Elizabeth – Westport, MA

“The knowledge that Sidney stops at the Invisible Fence® Brand border gives us peace of mind. For this I thank Bob, Jeff, Nancy and all the wonderful folks at Moriarty’s Fence Company.”

Anne – Rehoboth, MA

“We would like to thank Moriarty’s Fence Company for changing our lives! Both dogs and owners are liberated!”

Karen – Westerly, RI

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