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Answers to common questions about Moriarty’s Fence Company and Invisible Fence® Brand products and services. If you have more questions, contact us online or give us a call at 800-225-0808 – we’re here to help!

How does The Invisible Fence® Brand system work?

Imagine opening your front door, letting your dog outside and not having to worry about him running away or into the busy street–yet not having to look at an unsightly fence on your property. That is the convenience that an Invisible Fence® Brand system can provide.

Invisible Fence® Brand system works by burying a wire, a few inches below the surface, which connects to a transmitter in the garage or basement and sends a radio signal to the collar that your pet wears. The collar sounds an audible warning when your pet gets too close to the boundary and he/she learns to avoid the warning sound. With proper training, your pet will quickly learn where the boundary is and stay safe at home – and out of harms way.

Invisible Fence® Brand systems can be configured to protect pools, gardens and landscaping without the use of unsightly fencing around those areas. An Invisible Fence® Brand boundary goes almost anywhere – from rocky terrain and wooded areas to under water!

Will Invisible Fence® Brand solution work for me?

For decades, Invisible Fence® Brand has been keeping dogs safe at home with an amazing 99.5% success rate. Over 50,000 customers across the tri-state area and throughout New England have trusted Moriarty’s Fence Company professionals to safely contain their dogs and cats with the only system recommended by 4 out of 5 veterinarians.

An Invisible Fence® Brand outdoor system works in practically any size yard – from 1/4 acre to more than 25 acres and unlike traditional fencing, Invisible Fence systems can also section off and protect pools, gardens and landscaping without the use of unsightly fencing around those areas. An Invisible Fence boundary goes almost anywhere – from rocky terrain and wooded areas to under water!

When you schedule one of our Professional Pet Consultants to come to your home to visit you and your dog, he or she will evaluate the temperament of the dog(s) and your property to make sure that the Invisible Fence system is a good fit for you and your pet. Moriarty’s Fence Company wants your Invisible Fence® Brand solution to keep your pet safe at home and we will tell you if we do not think that can be accomplished.

Is there a guarantee?

The Invisible Fence® Brand system is backed by the strongest product warranties and performance guarantees in the industry. We offer a minimum of a one-year equipment warranty on all professionally-installed outdoor systems. Many of our systems contain a lifetime equipment warranty. So not only is your pet safe – so is your investment!

Moriarty’s Fence Company also provides a one-year pet containment guarantee when our customers purchase at least 2 training sessions with a Moriarty’s Fence Company Professional Pet Trainer.

How is a dog or cat trained to the system?

Our Professional Pet Trainers will provide comprehensive training so your pet completely understands his boundaries. The training process used by Moriarty’s Fence Company is convenient and gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet will be safely protected on your property

To get started, you and your Professional Pet Trainer will teach your pet to avoid the boundaries of your property using visual flag cues and audio “warning beeps.” Our training is based on positive reinforcement and continually rewards your pet with lots of praise and attention. This positive approach trains your pet to stay happily within his safety zone.

As training progresses, your Professional Pet Trainer will introduce the static correction to your pet which reinforces the boundaries of your property and tells your pet clearly where he can and cannot go. The Invisible Fence system works humanely and safely to ensure that it keeps your pet secure at home.

How old does a puppy need to be to start training?

With Perfect Start® Pet Training, puppies as young as eight weeks can be introduced and gently trained to the Invisible Fence system and it works great for cats too!

With Perfect Start, Professional Pet Trainers gently introduce dogs and cats to their safe areas and teach the pet how they can turn the system “on” and “off” while respecting their boundaries with audible tones. Training usually starts indoors and according to Dr Daniel Estep, DVM “Perfect Start is more efficient, humane and animal friendly.”

What is the difference between Invisible Fence® Brand solutions pet containment systems and the systems sold at pet stores or in catalogs?

The most important differences are the professional services provided by Moriarty’s Fence Company and the superior technology of the Invisible Fence® Brand.

From sales to service, our trained professionals get to know you and your pet to provide an installation that best meets your own personal needs. Then, our Pet Training Consultants are there to provide the training necessary to train your pet to the system. Finally, our customer service center is there to answer your questions and help with any additional needs you may have 6 days a week all year long.

Moriarty’s Fence Company proudly stands behind all of our installations and trainings. Because we only use the Invisible Fence Brand technology you automatically receive at least a one-year manufacturer equipment warranty and many of our systems have a Lifetime warranty.

In addition, 4 out of 5 veterinarians recommend the Invisible Fence® Brand electronic pet containment for dogs. Our competitors can’t claim that but our customers certainly seem to appreciate it!

Does the Invisible Fence® Brand system work indoors?

Create pet free zones wherever you want inside your home with an Invisible Fence® Brand Indoor Solution. The indoor transmitter is a 5-inch square and works alone or seamlessly with the outdoor system using the same Invisible Fence Computer Collar®. The transmitter can be hidden behind furniture, under stairs, in between floors or under a table — so you can say goodbye to baby gates and closed doors.

The Indoor solution is perfect for cats too and keeps them off furniture but inside the house!

How much does the Invisible Fence® Brand System Cost?

Every system is built to satisfy the specific needs of the individual customer and their pet. When determining the final price several factors must be considered such as size of property, type of equipment purchased, number of trainings purchased and how many pets will be on the system. Our lowest priced system is the Good Dog self-install kit for only $349.

Fully installed outdoor systems start at only $889.

Moriarty’s Fence Company provides free in-home sales consultations to show you exactly how the Invisible Fence® Brand solution will work on your property and can give you a price for your fully installed system while we are there. Free Consultations can be booked online, and by calling (800) 225-0808.

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