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The Invisible Fence® Indoor System allows you to create pet-free zones wherever you want inside your home. No more baby gates. No more closed doors. No more trash can invasions.

The indoor transmitter is a small, 5-inch square, unit that works seamlessly with our outdoor system using our innovative Computer Collar®. It sets up in minutes, and sends a signal out from its center. You adjust the signal’s radius and the signal field to create your pet-free zone. When your pet approaches an area he’s not allowed to enter, the collar sounds a warning tone. A few simple training sessions teach your pet to stop when he hears this tone.

The indoor system can be hidden behind furniture, under stairs, in between floors or mounted on a wall. Since the signal field is adjustable, you can protect as specific an area of your home as you’d like, whether it’s a valued heirloom, an individual room, or a larger area of the house.

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